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Corona Virus Delays

Corona Virus: Shipping limited to UK and Europe

Where do you deliver to?

When will i receive my order?

How can i track my order?

I've tried tracking my order but it states 'order not found'?

I am an international customer (outside UK.) Do i have to pay customs and taxes?

I entered the wrong item / shipping address


Where can I buy Watermans products?

How do I use my discount code?

How does the rewards/droplets work?

I've changed my mind

I've received my order but it's damaged/not complete

I haven't received my order

Do you offer a money back guarantee?



What is DHT?

How do I use Watermans for best results?

Are Watermans products cruelty free?

Are Watermans products suitable for Vegans - Vegetarians?

Can i use on coloured hair ? will it fade quicker?

Can children use Watermans products?

I'm pregnant/breastfeeding, can i use your products?

Can I use Watermans whilst receiving treatment for cancer?

I still seem to be losing hair, is this normal?

Are Watermans products safe to use with hair extensions?

I suffer from Alopecia, will Watermans help?

Does our products contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)?

Will Watermans work on beards, eyelashes and eyebrows?

Can I get a free sample?

What if I stop using the products?

Is your packaging recyclable?/Do you sell refills rather than bottles?

Is Watermans gluten free?

Does Watermans contain minidoxil ?

How do I attach Grow More Elixir spray nozzle?


How do I reset my password?

How can I update my contact details/address?

How does Subscribe & Save work?

I need to amend/cancel my subscription

I don't want to receive any marketing from you

How can I find out about your latest offers?

I'm interested in selling Watermans?

Watermans Point system

Corona Virus postal delays

Corona Virus 'Why is my parcel still being held in customs?'

Corona Virus UK Why Have I still not received my parcel?