Grow your hair back Alopecia solution - Hair Growth with Alopecia

Written By matt waterman - March 29 2017


April 16 2017

Hey I have noticed im going through a phase of being affected from alopecia it come 6 months ago as a small bald patch on the left side of my head above my ear it got bigger over a matter of days and stayed like that for a few months. I was quite self conscious about it so I Went to the doctors and they give me hair steroid cream and fungus cream incase of a follicule problem. It cleared after 5 months then suddenly towards the back of my head on left side again a small bald patch apeared and after a matter of a week or two it’s grown to the size of a 50pence piece. Is there any solution to getting rid of this problem as it’s really effecting my self confidence

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