What Is PCOS Hair Loss? How to Stop PCOS Hair Loss

Are you dealing with female hair loss problems caused by polycystic ovary syndrome? Then you might be experiencing or be worried about PCOS hair loss 

At Watermans, we’ve put together a complete guide to hair loss and PCOS. We divulge into the causes and symptoms, and suggest the best hair routine to help deal with PCOS-related hair loss. 

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What Is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (or PCOS) is a fairly common condition that affects some women’s ovary function. It occurs when the sacs that ordinarily produce eggs are underdeveloped, meaning ovulation can’t take place. 

It is thought to affect around 1 in every 10 women, and over half of these women show no symptoms. 

PCOS Symptoms

Those who do show PCOS symptoms may expect the following: 

  • Irregular periods, or no period at all 
  • Higher levels of male hormones, sometimes causing excess facial and body hair 
  • Weight gain 
  • Oily skin 
  • Hair loss or thinning hair 
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What Is PCOS Hair Loss?

PCOS hair loss is caused by excess androgenic (male) hormones which not only contribute to hair loss and thinning, but can leave hair limp, lacklustre, dry and prone to breakage. 


How to Stop PCOS Hair Loss

Treating PCOS and hair loss should start by attempting to rebalance hormone levels. Gynaecologists and endocrinologists can investigate, providing recommendations for hormonal therapy. 

When it comes to dealing with PCOS hair loss symptoms, however, a targeted hair care routine can help to address the problem by providing the scalp with hair growth friendly ingredients.  

Best Shampoo for PCOS Hair Loss

PCOS can cause hair loss and leave the scalp feeling dry and itchy. The best shampoo for PCOS hair loss will support a healthy scalp to promote hair growth.  

Watermans Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo is formulated with scalp invigorating ingredients, including Biotin, Caffeine, Argan Oil, Rosemary Extract, Niacinamide, Allantoin, and Hydrolysed Lupin Protein. When used regularly, it helps to make your scalp the optimal environment for hair growth, keeping it moisturised to contribute to strong, healthy hair growth.  


Hair Growth Vitamins

Another way many women with PCOS address thinning hair is with supplements. Hair vitamins are an effective way to deliver hair-loving ingredients to the system in a convenient capsule.  

Our GrowPro Vitamins for hair growth are packed with hair-loving natural ingredients, including Biotin, Calcium, Bamboo Silica, Saw Palmetto Berry, Iron, Marine Collagen, MSM, and sunshine Vitamin D3. They’re designed to be taken twice daily, maintaining healthy levels of the vitamins, minerals and ingredients needed for hair growth – which is especially useful for women dealing with PCOS hair loss. 


Scalp Treatment

To take your scalp care up a level, try the Grow More Elixir, our follicle strengthening scalp treatment used by our customers with PCOS

Enriched with natural boosting ingredients, including Biotin, Lupine Protein, Allantoin, Panthenol, Cottonseed Protein, Calcium, Rosemary, and Silica, this is the perfect scalp serum for those dealing with PCOS hair loss and whose scalps require a little extra TLC.