queens award

Celebrate receiving a Queen's Award

Queen’s Award is the highest UK business award

The award was won in 2022 for Enterprise, International Trade. The Queen’s Award is the highest UK business award to achieve for any business. To mark this fantastic achievement the team held a celebratory event where they were presented a trophy and an official scroll by the King’s representative Lord Lieutenant Dame Hilary.

Watermans was founded by Gail and Matt waterman, who both suffered for many years with different variations of hair loss problems. In 2012 Watermans was launched and now today we sell a product every 30 seconds across our network of distributors around the globe. The companies main focus is making products that actually help others in some way by using the finest ingredients and putting customer results first before profits.

They donate their hair growth shampoo called  ‘Grow Me’ to chemo wards across the UK and other Watermans products to the NHS and Ukraine, also supporting many grassroots and football teams across the country along the way. Matt & Gail Waterman pride themselves on giving back to the community or when someone or charity needs that helping hand.

Watermans is ran by 98% Women 'Girl Power" and 50% owned by a women of colour.

Gail, a former hairdresser and salon owner who has had a background in the hair industry for over 32 years and Matt, a marketing expert, knew what high salon standard needed to be achieved when producing this product.

The development journey began in 2012 which was then tested by both of them and then brought into the salon environment to test on Gail's salon customers where there were a range of different hair types, textures and hair problems to experiment on and to substantiate the efficacy of their products.


Watermans believe it's important to help others by spreading good Karma, since starting the company Gail & Matt Waterman have donated Hair Growth products to chemotherapy wards in person and by using postal services.

Supplying chemo wards

Free Shampoo on request

We been supplying chemo wards free bottle of Grow Me shampoo since 2014. We love all the posative feedback from the amazing nurses and their brave strong paitents. Our shampoo is known throught chemotherapy wards as Chemo Shampoo

Important to spread good karma,

x Gail & Matt Waterman

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chemo hair loss shampoo

One of many chemo units throughout the country we provide free hair growth shampoo


Brave women at North Tees hospital receiving their free grow me shampoo, at least this puts a smile on their faces throughout their difficult times.

We restock free on a monthy bases to these units.

Chemo patients say they leave on scalp 3-4 mins 5 times a week for best resuts.

Order Grow Me Shampoo - click here

We were asked if we could help?

Of course we will try to do our best? Michael the owner of ‘C Four Paws’ kennels has arrived today to pick up a pallet full of our watermans sanitiser to then load on to an artic truck packed full of aid for the Ukraine.This is a small gesture of goodwill, while we are waiting for the MOD and NHS to organise our pallets to go to the Ukraine Hospitals that are in need of our medical grade sanitiser that will be used for wound cleaning when medics in the Hospitals and on field can’t access water.


When the government asked for our help this is exactly what we did. That's why we only use expensive ingredients to get the job done! The NHS, police and front line healthcare workers are doing an amazing job looking after the sick, looking after people who have unfortunately suffered from this virus and providing the essentials to the communities.


The NHS, police and front line healthcare workers are doing an amazing job looking after the sick, looking after people who have unfortunately suffered from this virus and providing the essentials to the communities.

Order hand sanitiser as in Photo

Always helping

We supply thousands of kits to Grassroots football

We help support grassroots by providing thousands of kits to low income communities. It's awesome to see kids and young adults wearing Watermans kits with pride.

Spreading good karma

Supporting grass-roots level football

Just under thousand kits supplied. We sponsor many grass roots football teams to many to mention here.

Gail and Matt Waterman are also soccer parents with both their boys Marco and Luca in teams.

Most searched for brand in the World


Searching 2.2 billion consumers behaviours over a period of a year. The results show Watermans is the most searched for hair care brand in the World on the Global hair care report by Captify.


Retailers ignored us, but we still banished bad hair days

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Lifelong alopecia sufferer who was suicidal and rarely left the house claims shampoo helped her regain a FULL head of hair in her 40s

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Belinda Clarke, 44, from Swindon, Wiltshire was so stressed about her hair loss as a teenager she became suicidal and as the years went by she would only leave the house to attend family events. 


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This black founder hair brand is now one of the most googled hair growth products on the internet

After suffering from hair loss problems after the birth of her son,Gail Waterman and her husband Matt, launched the Watermans range in 2014 to help with her thinning and brittle hair. Gail, who is of mixed-race heritage, says, ‘My afro hair was prone to thinning and would just snap off.’

She continued, “I went through almost every brand on the market to improve the condition of my hair but nothing worked. I found my hair was not getting any better and didn’t see any real improvement...