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I’ve been using watermans for a good few weeks now. And can see and feel results.
Very happy

Shampoo & Conditioner, Elixir leave-in scalp treatment. Hair Survival Kit - 2nd Most ordered set

Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner Set - Best Seller - Your 1st point of call.

This was a gift so I don’t know the answers at this time

Good customer service

I like this business. Despite the problems with the post office strike, they kept me informed as to what was happening. I also love the products

Great result

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Susanne Shaw (Victoria, Australia)
Not sure yet

Just had radiotherapy after chemo and breast cancer surgery so hair is really short but using product in the hope that it will grow back thicker in the future ! And so I obviously haven’t run out yet using and needing so little to wash and condition my hair

Grow me shampoo & conditioner

Was recommended these products by a friend who really rated them and was so glad she did.. I’m 60 have got white hair and gradually it’s become a little thin and lifeless. These products really worked for me. My hair does feel thicker somehow and has more body to it. It has a menthol fragrance which isn’t overpowering at all.


have been using grow me shampoo/conditioner for a few weeks now and no longer having excess shedding, hair is softer and in much better condition will carry on using as so impressed with the products

Shampoo and conditioner

My hair has been falling out so got a lot of bald spots but since using it you can see my hair growing back in and when I blow dry it not much falls off either

This stuff is amazing.

I was recommended this shampoo by my hairdresser as I had ruined my hair and scalp with bleaching. I have now been using it for around 3 months also stopped bleaching. I now have baby hairs growing in all over. I couldn't believe how fast this worked for me. I could literally see hair growing in after 7 weeks. Grow me is a miracle worker. Thank you

Menopause kit
Amanda Jennings (England, United Kingdom)
Excellent package

I bought the Menopause kit and it’s amazing how my hair is improving already after only a month of using


I have frontal alopecia and was quite stressed about the fact that I had also started losing a lot of hair from the rest of my head and it was starting to feel and look thin.
I started taking turmeric, which I think helped - and then someone recommended Watermans. Honestly, my hair loss diminished immediately and I started growing new hair. It was truly like a miracle! I no longer feel like I will go bald. I now lose very few hairs and hardly even get any in the hairbrush.
I wash and condition every three days and use the elixir in between. I put a bit on my eyebrows and lashes also and have a bit of new growth there too.
I found the elixir quite difficult to apply, but I bought some 1ml syringes and with them I can aim the solution more directly to my scalp.
Absolutely life changing for me! Thank you.


I only wish I had found watermans sooner!!! I have tried many of hair growth shampoos none of which have ever worked - until I saw someone share this! Absolutely amazing the amount of re-growth is incredible and I have only even using it for around 1 and a half months 😀
Thank you so much!!!!!!

Watermans grow me shampoo

I have used this shampoo for 3 years now and swear by it. It is brilliant leaves my hair feeling soft and has helped with thinning.

Bought as gift

No complaints from recipient so must be ok!

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Matt Thomas (New South Wales, Australia)

I’ve been using Watermans GROW ME Shampoo & Conditioner for about a year now, and most recently in conjunction with PRP. It’s definitely made a difference, so I’m a rusted on customer. And here’s a cheeky little anecdote. I visited a hair transplant place (overkill for my needs). There was no doubt at the consult they were about to flog me their own products. They were there on the table. Then came the question: “Which shampoo and conditioner are you using?” .. when I said Watermans the response was “Oh. Ok. They’ve certainly made a good name for themselves”. Following this I never got the sales pitch about their products. I think they knew that would be pointless. Go Watermans!

Love it!

Brilliant! Really does make my hair feel thicker and stronger. I'm a menopausal woman that felt my hair was coming out more than normal so when a friend reccommended this shampoo i was a bit sceptical. Don't have as much shedding and my hair looks great.

Luke from Queensland
Two months and WOW!

All I need to say is in the photos. Still can't believe it.

Looks thicker

My hair looks thicker from day one
Now after 3 months stop following so much
I only use it once or twice a week depending on the week
But still haven’t see or notice any new hair growing
I will say it looks good and I do get complements sometimes
Don’t know if I will buy it again

Shampoo and conditioner

My man said my hair felt so soft after using the shampoo and conditioner.I am ordering some more

One of the best toner shampoos

I love this shampoo. Not only does it help my thinking hair but it banishes all the yellow. Highly recommend , I love it

2 Bottles of Grow Me Shampoo
stella dalli (England, United Kingdom)
great product

already purchased 3 x bottles and very happy

2 Shampoo 1 Conditioner
Leone Tsang (Alberta, Canada)
I repurchased

With consistent use, the shampoo and conditioner shows amazing results! A little goes a long way!

Silky smooth

Beautiful product great smell and lots of body and bounce and thicker hair.