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2 Bottles of Grow Me Shampoo
LJ (England, United Kingdom)
Radiotherapy hair

After having radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer and medication, my hair isn’t great , have found this shampoo has helped with the hair thinning and looking dry / dull

Purple shampoo &conditioner set

Excellent product does exactly what it's ment too will definatly purchase again.

Masque Me - Luxurious Hair Mask 8 in 1 deep treatment
ellie Gunning (England, United Kingdom)
8 in 1 masque

Amazing product used with the grow me shampoo my hair feels fantastic. Can also highly recommend the blonde shampoo and conditioner

Great product

Really recommend watermans hair grow and conditioner, helps thinning hair great shine . I wouldn’t use anything else now

Grow Me Shampoo
Syed Hussain (Western Australia, Australia)

Grow Me Shampoo

TERESA COLOSIMO (Victoria, Australia)

I just love the Products is working for me. I try other Products but did not work for me it made my Hair dry and fizzy the Watermans products it say what it dose so, i am very happy with the result so, Thank you for this Products finely it works for me.

Really impressed!

It's been able two months and can get and notice. My fiance says the same. Amazing stuff! Thanks watermans team for the awesome support with my questions as well.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Ranjeet Lidhar (Victoria, Australia)

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
michele (Western Australia, Australia)
Happy customer

I was using Watermans early last year and noticed very good results. Bought a different brand and didn't get the results I was with Watermans.
Switched back to Watermans 6 weeks ago. Definitely will keep using consistency now.

Something Happening!!

I have been using your products for just over 3 months now and can definitely see something happening. I was sceptical about the product at first as it was expensive, plus I just assumed that my hair loss was due to getting older (I'm 68 years old). But I decided to persevere and see if anything happened. I'm pleased I did! I will definitely keep using these products.

The Shampoo Duo
Hue Hong (New South Wales, Australia)
The Shampoo Duo

I've purchased the product late last year and have used it since last year October. I have finished the first bottle and now been using the second bottle. However, I have noted there are still hairs falls out. I'm not sure is this product works for me? Or I should give it a bit more time? Hopefully it will works

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Ali (New South Wales, Australia)
Best hair experience

I call this the Messy Hair Killer!! 10/10 product so perfect!

Ravneet Kaur (Western Australia, Australia)
I love it

I ordered watermans shampoo and conditioner and hair mask. I love all the products.

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Linda (Queensland, Australia)
Definitely an improvement

My child borrowed the shampoo and conditioner and had instant results after one use. Mine's taking longer to see results but I can definitely see hair growing in my previously bald spots.

Grow Me Shampoo
Tracey Sligar (Victoria, Australia)
Watermans is working for me!

I have been using Watermans Shampoo, Conditioner and Elixir for just over three months, 4 to 5 times a week and have noticed an improvement in the overall feeling of thickness and length of my hair. I am very happy with the results and will continue to use the products at the same usage for another 3 months to see if there is more of a difference to now. I am extremely happy with their products, you just have to give it time and use it as per their instructions.

HappyHair Australia (New South Wales, Australia)
Feels stronger & longer

I love Waterman’s. My hair was falling out in a bad way but after months of using the shampoo & conditioner including serum, the texture of my hair feels much better.

Grow Me Shampoo
Louie Escobar (Canterbury, New Zealand)

Grow Me Shampoo

Great Product

My hair is fuller and stronger. It smells great and my hair is so soft and shiny! I LOVE this product.

Does what it says on the bottle

Brilliant shampoo it has helped my hair grow back after under going chemotherapy . It has come back thicker and lovely and shiny. Thank you Waterman's for your great shampoo .

Colette MacPherson (South Australia, Australia)
Grow more scalp elixer

Bought as part of my desperate attempt to keep my hair. Love it!!
I want hair thicker than when I was younger. 😃😃👍👍

C.S. (Gisborne, New Zealand)
**Medical term removed**

I had **medical term removed** for a year before I started using waterman’s. The only hair product I could find to get my hair to help my hair.
Two years since I’ve first started getting **medical term removed** and my hair is looking beautiful and almost tie-able without strays.
I wish I had taken before & afters because this is literally a miracle product for the feeling of thickness. Few of my friends have started to use this product aswell due to its amazing outcomes.

Covid Hair Loss

Had extremely large amount of hair loss after having Covid. Was advised to use the shampoo and the serum. It’s worked incredibly. Where there were significant hair loss it is now thick and growing back. The rest of the scalp is returning and no more hair falling out. Don’t know how it works but it did. For that I’m truly thankful

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Iris Black (Victoria, Australia)
Very Good Product

Onto our second bottle and will keep using. Cleans and strengthens hair, is all natural and has definitely repaired some hair loss.


Love this stuff , defo has a good effect on my hair! Sure it does promote growth!

Grow Me Shampoo
JINRUI MA (Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
good result

My hair has less oil and feels stronger to touch.