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Camellia & black castor infused hair & body oil treatment.
Eileen Freeman (Scotland, United Kingdom)
Camellia & black caster oil

This is the first time I've tried this infusion and find it really good for stopping my skin from drying throughout the day I'd recommend giving it a try.

Grow Me® Shampoo - Thicker, Longer, Stronger Looking Hair
Mr Philip Reed (Wales, United Kingdom)
Good product.

Using this shampoo I find it stops hair loss and helps give a healthy look to the hair very pleased .


I have found both the shampoo and conditioner to be very good, it smells very nice too, I do feel my hair has thickened slightly and will continue to use the product.

Anna Tocha (Western Australia, Australia)
Shampoo and Big bundle

The best shampoo on the market, using them over year, very happy and result are amazing giving me a confident to smile again thank you

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Charlotte Purcell (New South Wales, Australia)
Best hair growth shampoo & conditioner ever!!

In 2020 I had alopecia areata, all my hair come out in clumps! I found watermans online and have never looked back since, this product I will be using for the rest of my life I’m so grateful to have found it!

My hair has grown back so thick and healthy, healthier than it was before I had my alopecia! I stopped using it for a couple of weeks as a hairdressers recommended me to try something different and let me tell you, I will not be making that mistake again within days my hair started falling out again, as soon as I started using watermans again it stopped!! I have recommended this product to everyone and will carry on doing so because I firmly believe it works!! Thank you so much Watermans

Excellent product and service

The product seems to be wonderful in every way

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Anne Cochran (New South Wales, Australia)

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner

Great Shampoo & Conditioner

Ive been using the waterman grow me shampoo & conditioner for 1 month and I feel my hair is back to how it used to be i cant thank you guys enough. I suffered hair loss due to steroid medication and was horrified how thin it got then I came across a review on fb she too suffered like me. I feel I have more volume since using it.

the shampoo & conditioner is the best I've ever had, my hair feels so much thicker & shiney

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Nilusha Kulatunga (Victoria, Australia)

That product is absolutely amazing results. My hair grown up little bit after this product.

Seems Working

I am using this product from a month and seems like working

Best product on the market

Excellent product and service.

Grow Me® Shampoo - Thicker, Longer, Stronger Looking Hair
robert giles (England, United Kingdom)
Still using my Watermans shampoo…

It’s given me confidence, I’m seventy five now and it’s definitely given my hair a boost! Thanks again!

Sean Blaney (Victoria, Australia)
Watermans Growme shampoo and conditioner plus elixir

I've been using all three products now for over 6 months and the difference is amazing! I wish I had of found these products sooner. Ordering us easy the items are shipped almost instantly and arrive at my door step! Thankyou muchly!

So far so good

Just started using it. Loving it so far. Starting to see small results.

Camellia & black castor infused hair & body oil treatment.

KIran Sahrawat (Auckland, New Zealand)
Grow More serum and my baby hair!

Submitting video as review. Great product . In 90 days I have started growing baby hair in a bald patch at my hairline. The baldness occurred at the time of my cancer treatment. I have been hiding it for over 6 yrs.

Hair & Beard Shampoo Set - For Men
Greg Potter (Victoria, Australia)
Happy Boy

I started using the shampoo and conditioner around 3 months ago after I noticed my hair was Starting to thin fairly bad after surgery To be honest I didn't think it would work As good as I as it has But I'm extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend the products

GrowMe Shampoo & Conditioner
Melissa T (New South Wales, Australia)
Can see some difference

Hopefully what they say is true, as I’m still yet to see a drastic difference in hair growth. However my hair is much softer and shinier lately so that’s something!

Oh My!

I literally started using this product a week ago. I had meant to take a "before" photo. Well, one week in, and that ship has sailed. My hair looks thicker, feels thicker, looks healthier. After one week! The first few days, I thought, well, I hope this stuff works because I really love the smell and feel of it. I cannot wait to see my hair in a few months. My new Go To.

Definite Improvement

I hadn’t really noticed my thinning hair until I saw myself on a CCTV camera and noticed this big patch. I was skeptical at first of products claiming to treat hair loss by my hairdresser and said he had noticed a change using Watermans so I gave it a go.
The results are that my hair is stronger, silky and the rate of loss as stopped. I don’t think I’ve regrown much hair but there is a clear and definite improvement from using these products

Tri (Victoria, Australia)
Revitalised hair

Before using Watermans products, my hair felt thin and difficult to even style. After using Watermans for a month, there was a noticeable difference. 4 months later, my hair now feels thick and healthy, and easier to style the way I want to.


I had Chemotherapy 10 years ago and when my hair grew back it was fine and sparse. I have been using Growme shampoo for just one week and I have noticed a huge difference already more body and hair not falling out when I comb it, I cannot wait to see what it looks like in a few months.

Grow Me Shampoo
Nada Jandric (New South Wales, Australia)

Absolutely am loving the Watermans products
Unfortunately it hasn't helped with hair loss but i do have a ongoing tumour
Honestly i still wouldn't use anything else though

The Shampoo Duo
James IBRAHIM (New South Wales, Australia)
Amazing results

I had a thiner hair especially my hair line was so light after using watermans Shampoo and following the instructions using of the product. It will be my daily Shampoo and next time I will order it with the cconditioner as I was using a high quality but different brand and still I am seeing a big difference is happening and you can see the difference between my pictures before and after. I highly recommend it to my family and friends.