⭐️ Brand Ambassador Help Guide ⭐️

We've made this page to help kickstart your success as a Watermans Brand Ambassador. Whether you're a super influencer, you are just starting or wanting to refer your friends and family. Check out our helpful tips for making effective sales and images.


• Share our product content to help boost your efforts (please credit us though)
• Create your own content which you think will benefit your conversions and audience
• Share your code with everyone you know; friends, family, followers or colleagues!
• Selfies with our products work the BEST! Take your own!
• Use props within your images to tell a story. Try adding some of the natural ingredients inside our products to your pictures?
• Honesty is the best policy! Write genuine positive reviews about your experience using the product and how it can help others
• Get active in forums, blogs or writing reviews and share your referral options there!

Highlight Benefits

Selfie with Products


Update Social Bios 


• Create an account that directly or implies you are Watermans
• Comment on our social media posts with your referral code or link for sales
• Post pictures or offers alongside other products that are not of the Watermans brand
• Use images or text that is suggestive, explicit or of a sexual nature (this includes using your product in the shower or bath topless)
• Slander or speak of the brand in a negative way
• Misspell our name, products or ingredients 
• Do not use content from other influencers or general public

Fake Account

Posting on Our Social

Explicit Images

Spelling Mistakes


Our products are cosmetic. Therefore there are words and phrases that we cannot say or imply because they come under Medical terms. If queried a medical question, please direct them to our reviews to see other customers experiences. DO NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE.

DO NOT use the following words:
Regrowth, cure, restore, prevent, avoid, fight, heal, reduces hair loss, reduce hair loss, stop, stop hair loss, treat hair loss, treat hair shedding, reduces hair fall, heal scalp, fix, treat, treat hair loss, help with, treating or fixing Androgenetic Alopecia (also known as male-pattern baldness) can prevent or cure baldness, hair loss or male pattern baldness.


Don’t forget to add your PayPal email address to your account area if you haven’t already for payment! Any commission earned, will be paid to you via PayPal at the end of each month.

Not sure how?
1. Log in to your account.
2. Go to the menu, select ‘Settings.’
3. Fill in ‘PayPal Email Address’
4. Press ‘Update’

If you are unsure, looking for more advice, check out your portal, our FAQs section or get in touch using ambassadors@watermanshair.com and one of our friendly support teams will help wherever we can.