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You won’t be disappointed

I have been using watermans for over 2 years and the proof is in my photos.
I was a tape hair extension person for years so my hair was damaged and short with ratty ends,
Now everyone asks me what I use and I couldn’t recommend watermans enough!

2-month check

Waited ages to get it cause of Covid but so far I can say it is worth it! Fuller-bodied feel to my hair, backed up with confidence as well. I'm not even at the 3 month section yet. Excited to see where the next few months take me on my 'hair-journey'.

Good system

Watermans works, It's a bit of extra work as its not a two in one but it's worth it. Would definitely use again..


I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it worked .... my hair was falling out rapidly and I was getting frustrated because nothing seemed to work . I thought I’d give this a try and was so surprised that it actually helped reduce my hair from falling out .
I will be purchasing this from now on as I genuinely saw results. I have a lot of new hair growing . Thanks watermanshair

Good for hair loss

I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and the elixir now for more than a year. It has dramatically controlled my hair loss. It also grows my hair faster even though this wasn’t my problem before. I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to control their hair loss.

Very satisfied

Hi all. I can see very big difference after 47 days. I am really happy with this shampoo.

Waterman’s to the rescue

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May & told I would loose my hair due to the treatment plan. As a 28 year old girl with a wedding booked for the following May this was so scary for me on top of everything else.
I instantly started researching to see how quickly I could expect my hair to grow as if I got it long enough I knew I could potentially have a hair replacement system fitted for the big day.
I was recommended Waterman’s by two close friends who had great results in Waterman’s helping thicken there own hair but wasn’t sure if it would work for total hair loss due to chemotherapy.
Thankfully I took the advice and have been using Waterman’s ever since my last treatment day back in December 2020.
As you can see from the photos the first of which was taken about a week or so after treatment ended late December and the other taken just today, my hair is growing in nicely and I can’t thank Waterman’s enough for this. It has given me confidence and reassurance that my hair is going to come back thick and fast. The products I’ve been using are the shampoo, conditioner and the elixir which I love so much. I won’t ever use another shampoo again!
Waterman’s I am Forever grateful
Thank you

Growth my hair !!!

Nice products! I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and Elixir for over 63 days and already growth my hair now ! I love this products !

Radiotherapy regrowth

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner since I lost all my hair during radiotherapy. As you can see, in just a year it’s massively helped my regrowth. My hair has come back so much softer and stronger than it was before too. Won’t be going back to any other shampoo ever again!

Saved my hair

Going through perimenopause my hair has been falling out and breaking. After trying all kinds of lotions and potions, I decided to give Watermans a try. I am so glad I did!! I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and Elixir for over 3 months now and my hair looks AMAZING! No breakage, less hair fall and shiny soft hair. I love the smell and as a curly girl, its less frizzy and easier to straighten. I won't use anything else on my hair now. Thank you Watermans.

Still Getting Results

I’ve been using Watermans shampoo, conditioner and scalp elixir for about 7 months. Great results in regrowth and great looking hair.

Results are amazing.

One month apart. I recommend this product the results are amazing.

Much better!!

Hey I’m 3 weeks In and have had amazing results 
The first was a week in, this is now.I had an awful experience having my hair taken to with sheering scissors and thinned out by a barber. 
My hair wasn’t growing back properly and around the centre of my head the hair was thin. 3 weeks into using Watermans my growth has thickened and is much healthier!

Great product!

I’ve been struggling to grow my hair for months, and have tried numerous different ways to finally get it to grow but it always just breaks. I have naturally thick hair so the length was the problem for me. Since using Waterman’s, my hair has dramatically grown!

Before & After

After struggling with menopause and hair loss a friend recommended Waterman’s shampoo and conditioner can’t believe the difference love it 🥰

Much better!!


I’m 3 weeks In and have had amazing results
The first was a week in, this is now.

I had an awful experience having my hair taken to with sheering scissors and thinned out by a barber.
My hair wasn’t growing back properly and around the centre of my head the hair was thin.

3 weeks into using Watermans my growth has thickened and is much healthier!

Hair growth and repair

These products fulfilled its promise. My hair was falling out and breaking Culminating in my having my hair cut short and purchasing Watermans Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair soon began to improve in condition and it has grown fast too. I'm so pleased with the products and will continue to use. Watermans .

Love it

I am really enjoying these products, i dont require too much product and i try to wash every third day. The condition of my hair has greatly improved and it is much longer. I will continue with these products, they are fantastic.

Best products ever

I’ve been using Waterman’s products now for about two years, it has changed my life and I couldn’t be without it ever, no sulphates or chemicals just pure goodness made from real people, thanyou so much xx

I’ve just finished my first trio of products

Seems to be working? I’m using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir with a scalp brush for all 3 to stimulate the follicles, I’m also on my 3rd month of finastade.

Shampoo + Conditioner

The best Hair products in the market, my hair was so thin at the front and can see a big difference even tough I only need to was my hair twice a week,


I am so happy with the results. I had alopecia after having my baby girl and my hair grew back so quick. Iv also included a photo with a space of 9month hair growth using watermans

Amazing products!

I'm approaching 2 months of use and not even everyday use and I can already see improvement in my hair growth. I used to have a balding patch but now has hair growing! GrowMe shampoo and conditioning products are amazing! I'm very excited to see the rest of my journey....will definitely continue using!

One month apart .I recommend this product the results are amazing.

Life changing Shampoo

Loved everything about this shampoo, with the elixir, it really helped me with my hair problems, I am trying to grow my hair out for the last 2 or 3 months and with the help of this shampoo so far I am doing well, my hair is very sensitive and weak so I needed a special type of shampoo for it and about a year and half ago I started using this shampoo with it's conditioner and since then my hair has improved and before it was very weak but now it is a lot thicker and most importantly my receding hairline has stopped receding and I am sure with continuing to use this brand I will make sure it stays that way, if you can afford it most definitely recommend it!!!