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Its smelled nice. Thats about it. No different from any other shampoo and conditioner I've bought apart from the huge price difference.
Wouldnt recommend

First time user

As hair re-growth, if it happens at all, is a minimum 14 week process I believe, it really is too soon to tell if the products are working. The products are easy to use and pleasant. The dietary supplement capsules however have an offputting smell, but I am taking 2 a day, as my mum used to say that nasty tasting medicine was always the good stuff! I will be reordering them soon as I am coming to the end of the bottle.

Love it

Used these products for 3 weeks now & already noticing more fullness! My hair has always been fine & thin, but steroids have made it even thinner. Very happy with product so far.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m delighted with both products. I have only been using them for a few weeks and already my hair is softer and feels fuller.


Having endured years of visiting specialist hair loss clinics (private and nhs) and simply being told I have female pattern hair loss and the only thing that would work is a minoxidil based product,I was at a loss.
Being 28 years old minoxidil products are a risk,I could use them and yes they may have worked,but what would happen if I ever had children and had to stop using it?..I imagine I would lose more hair.
I saw an advert for watermans pop up on Facebook and my god I am glad it did. I can honestly say my hair looks thicker and the parts that had gone ‘wirey’ (this happens before it falls out) are now soft and actually growing!
I just wish that I had taken before and after pictures,of the hairloss on my hairbrush and my head!
Whilst my hair still comes out,it is now what I imagine to be a normal amount and not hand fulls and I have new hair on my crown!
For those who are really losing hair,please try this product. I will now not stop using it,it has been life changing (I realise how cheesy that sounds!)

Dogs bollox

Bestest shampoo and conditioner ever

no results as yet......

My hair is long and fine, with slight scalp showing through as its so fine. I love the smell of this shampoo, however after a month of using these products (3 times a week) I can't see any improvements with my hair. Im leaving the products on for the specified amount of time and haven't seen any kind of change. I will obviously continue to use till finished, but for the size of the bottles it was very expensive even though you only need a small amount. Had to try though, and you never know the results might just come later with me, everyone's different after all!

4 weeks of use

Only been using for 4 weeks hair feels a lot healthier and I think has grown more than it normally would..going to keep going with it and hopefully my hair will start to look thicker too...so far so good

Waterman shampoo and condition

I been using it now for 4 week but no sign of any hair I got a very greasy scalp so I don't think it's doing anything at the min.when I wash it in the shampoo my scalp still greasy

Still Waiting!

I am using the products exactly as recommended but unfortunately there has been no difference at all to my hair loss problem but I will carry on untill i have used it all and hope there will be some degree of improvement, if so i would purchase it again but if not then obviously its not going to be the brand for me!

It really works!

After spending a fortune on other products and getting no where, it's nice to find something reasonably priced that's working. It's slow process but it's progress, and I've recommended it to loads of friends!

Shampoo and conditioner

I’ve been using this product for 4 months it has amazing results my hair has never looked so thick and shiny

Not so good

Made my hair very dry and with no hair growth at all. And yes I did follow the instructions to the T


Well it feels like early days so I'm not sure if this has made any difference yet. I would like a deep conditioner mask in the range as I have naturally curly hair and it doesn't feel rich enough

Potential hair growth improvement.

As yet, no discernible improvement but shall persevere.

Great shampoo!

Will never use high street stuff ever again!

Such a difference already!

I am on my 2nd bottles of the grow me shampoo and condition me conditioner and wow, what a huge difference it has made. I have fine hair that never grows beyond a certain length but People Have been commenting on how much my hair has grown. I loved it so much I bought them
For my daughter and sister for Xmas presents- my daughter has only been using it since Xmas week and says her hair feels much thicker and is growing faster already. I will definitely continue to use and I'm going to buy the elixir next.

One month taking Growpro capsules

In December my hairdresser noticed that my hair had thinned around my hair line and i had bald patches on both sides of my head and at the top of my forehead at the hairline. She stated that when she had done my hair three months previously the thinning and patches were not there. After some research i discovered the the anticoagulant medication i have to take causes hair loss. Before discovering the thinning hair I had previously bought the Watermans shampoo and conditioner following seeing a recommendation on facebook (Antonella the uncensored reviewer) as i was hoping it would help my hair grow in length. However as i only have to wash my hair once a week i wanted to take something in addition to using the Shampoo and Conditioner so i bought the elixir and the growpro hair vitamins. I have been taking Watermans Grow Pro Hair Vitamins for just over a month now and the hair around my hair line is starting to grow in which i am really pleased about, i have not noticed any hair growth in the other patchy areas but these are covered by hair and it has only been a month, i was not expecting to see any results until at least three months as this is usually the length of time it takes for new tablets to have an affect. I hope that in three months time my thinning patches will have started to grow in as well as the hair around my hair line has already. Overall i am very pleased with the product, there is only one negative point which is the smell and taste of the tablets they are rather unpleasant but given the results i am happy to put up with this.

Mums favourite

My purchase of watermans was made for my Mum. She’s been using the products a year and her hair can’t live without them! It’s made a real difference. Mums 72 and thanks to watermans now has fuller, longer and thicker hair!!

Fantastic product

Since using this shampoo and conditioner I can finally let my hair dry naturally without having a frizz bomb on my head.
My hair has got thicker and I hardly lose any when washing and drying.

Hair is soft and shiny

This conditioner makes your hair soft, shiny and reduces split ends and dryness. Fabulous fast acting product. Thank you!


This shampoo and conditioner is amazing! My hair was thinning due to thyroid! This product has stopped it and made my hair shine

Gro pro vitamins

Have tried other popular hair vitamins but the results from watermans have to be the best! On the second bottle & have a third ready and will continue to use love them!

Grow More Elixir

This product is the bomb, I use it alongside the shampoo and conditioner, I’m 47 and we all know the texture of our hair changes with age, but this has given vitality and life back to my limp hair, thank you for giving my hair life back.


Hi Have been using your shampoo and conditioner but unfortunately did not realise you had to leave it on for 2 minutes for it to work.So afraid it was a rather expensive shampoo and conditioner that did not work owing to my misaunderstanding

Please keep on hair 3-4 mins and use 4-5 times per week for it to work for best results.

Product is as on the tin but only one sachet per customer so didn't get others to hand out for a trial.

Amazing hair growth

I can’t quite believe how much my hair has grown since using your products,I get so many compliments,someone even thought I had extensions in with the amount it has grown,I love everything about the shampoo and conditioner and wouldn’t use any other.

Shampoo and conditioner

Just bought my 4th bottle of each and have decided to try the vitamins. My hair definitely feels thicker after using Watermans. So easy to manage now.

Loved it

As a lupus patient, my hair is thinning. My partner come across this product and so i ordered the free sample. I found it made my hair feel a little thicker even from the first use. I've since bought the full bottle and after a months use I've noticed some regrowth! I'm going to have to order the conditioner as my hair is quite dry at the moment but here's to hoping it continues to help my thinning hair!

Love it

This product is wonderful, I dont have as much hair drop out during the day and it's so soft. Hasn't grown much yet but I have just had it cut. Overall my hair is healthy and I get so many compliments about how shiney and beautiful my hair is. Thank you!!!

Disappointed lady

Using as directed and quite like, but no difference to hair falling out or thickness. So just an expensive shampoo and conditioner so far. Will keep using but unless I see results will not be reordering.


Used the product for around a month and my hair grew about half a centimetre.

Fantastic product

It's made my hair thicker and more volume instantly. Amazing product. Will continue to buy!

Water and hair products

Absolutely love them ! After having chemo my hair was never the same, thin and brittle. After using these products I am noticing a difference especially around the temples where I have a lot of new hair growth. Would recommend it to anyone, thank you and keep up the good work !

Air is stronger and more shiny.

My hair is getting thicker but it will take time .Ive started the tablets this week so here’s hoping Thanks x

Great products

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner they both give my scalp and hair a nice clean feel. At first I wasn’t too crazy about the vitamins but after awhile you just get use to taking them but overall this is a great kit for growing out your hair and it helped me grow my buzz cut which was a zero and within a month of using these products grew to about 1.9 inches


My hair started falling out when I was going through a very stressful period in my life. I was devastated as I had to have my long hair cut into a short bob as it was getting finer by the day and I had bald patches.
I tried everything I went to the GP and other avenues and all they could suggest was caffeine shampoo to encourage it to grow back but nothing worked.
I came across Watermans on Facebook and thought what the hell, it’s worth a shot after spending a fortune on loads of other products, and I’m so glad I did.

After four months of use my bald patches have gone and I have new hair growing back. My hair feels fabulous and as thick as it was a couple of years ago and now I’m finally confident enough to start growing my hair back.

Thank you Watermans, and to anyone else suffering the same stress related hair loss that I did give it a go it’s worked miracles for me x

Fabulous product

I have been using this for over 6 months and it certainly is amazing. My hair has grown a lot quicker, the condition is amazing and it actually feels stronger and thicker. No going back to anything else for me. X

Hair feels lovely

This certainly makes my hair very soft- too early to rate as part of hair groth but will continiue to use and review.

Wonderful discovery!

My hair was soft, silky and smelt fresh and fragrant after using the shampoo and conditioner. Loved it!


Only been using it for 2 weeks but my hair feels lovely . Thanks ann


I love the luxury feel of the shampoo and conditioner. I have noticed a little electricity problem with my hair since using but am hoping this settles down.
I will be purchasing the full size bottles.

Really impressed

I just started using the shampoo and conditioner a couple of weeks ago, and I really love it as it leaves your hair really soft, and frizz free. I have underactive thyroid glands, and it has definitely made my hair feel/look fuller. so I'm sure I'll get an even better result in a month. I'm definetly going to purchase it every time because it's absolutely perfect for my hair and my wee girls too.


Great shampoo and conditioner has helped my hair loss

Pleasantly surprised

Bought this product rather hesitantly and after a lot of research.
My hair is thinning and shedding considerably. Due to very thin patches I had to wash my hair daily which did not help it's condition at all.
After using this product for the last 4 weeks, I can say I am pleasantly surprised. My hair does look thicker after I've washed and styled it......without the use of any products, which is unheard for me.
I am also finding that I do not have to wash my hair everyday, now it's every other, as it still looks clean and fresh without the tell tell thinning areas giving it away!

Initial 2 weeks of use I panicked as I was seeming to lose a lot more hair when blow drying, however now I do not have half as much breakage as before and am not finding half as many hairs on my clothes after a blow dry!
Husband seems to think it looks thicker, I don't know for sure but must say, am not as conscious of thinning areas as they don't appear as noticeable now.

Thankyou Watermans for giving me hair confidence back. I would definitely recommend this product to those with fine, thinning hair

Really impressed

Liked the ingredients and the fact this is made in U.K. I have underactive thyroid and my hair had thinned alarmingly. Been using for a month now, and although too soon to comment on hair growth, if any, my hair looks and feels thicker, and my hairdresser commented that it's got it's texture back. It feels like my hair again. Thank you.

Hard to believe but true

I first discovered Watermans Grow Me products after viewing a review by the fabulous Antonella , like her i never washed my hair at home as it was like wire wool , no matter what product i used it just looked and felt awful. So after the review i thought..hey ho why not ? i wouldn't normally indulge so much on mere shampoo and conditioner but after her review ( i admire her for her honesty not to mention her unique personality ) i thought if it's that good i have to try it. I can honestly say even after one use my hair felt and smelled amazing. I took it to my hairdresser and she used it on me and was amazed at how little of my hair fell out during washing it compared to usual. I am in surgical menopause , not allowed HRT as i am in remission from breast cancer and was totally struggling with my hair loss, hair quality and manageability. Fast forward 4 months or so later and i am still impressed and amazed at this product. It's the oven pride to my oven, the ba rkeepers friend to my pans..in other words it's the product that does exactly what it says on the label . I will never and i mean never use anything else on my hair. So all i can say is ..buy it..try it...you will never deny it ( your hair ) ever again. Thank you Gail and Matt you have changed my life ..and my hair xxxx


I don't know how this works but it does! My hair has always been fine and the amount which fell out scared me. My mum bought me Watermans a year ago and I haven't looked back since. My hair is noticeable healthier, shiny and doesn't fall out. I have paid for hair botox in the past and used overpriced products which don't work but this really does. The team at Watermans are literally hair magician's! Thank you

Not impressed

I was immediately unimpressed when I received the bottles at the size. Paying this much for a product you'd hope to get decent sized bottles. Other than that I don't like the fact that neither the shampoo or conditioner work in to a lather and my hair isnt left feeling soft. It has been almost one month and I notice no difference. Unfortunately.


Grow More Elixir - Luxury Hair Growth Serum - The elixir of Hair (100ml)