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Zlatina Vasileva

Hi everyone . I can high recommended the watermans products . I feel my hair more strong and long. I order a new one +vitamins . I am happy.


I always recommend watermans to my Bariatric group. It's great and I've found it really helps post surgery with hair loss and maintenance

Fair to middling

Would love to say it worked wonders but honestly can't . Found it too harsh for my grey colour treated hair . Can't fault the delivery and communication, maybe it just doesn't work for me but I'm sure it will help others

Love it!

I just wanted to say how much I love your shampoo and conditioner. My hair has not only grown, but it's gotten so much more healthy and thick- even when I dye it regularly! These pictures were taken just under three months apart and I'm amazed at how fast my hair has grown.

Wait and see !

Two years ago I lost all my hair. Who knows why? I received little help and spent a fortune trying to find solutions. Then I came across your products. For the last two months I've tried your shampoo and vitamins. I have to report a tingling in my scalp and a degree of fuzz. I've just bought some more shampoo. So watch this space. In another two months I hope I'll have recognisable hair. Pat

Tingling is the formula increasing the oxygen in your scalp and stimulating your hair follicles.. Only if your heads red and sore stop using. Different types of tingles

Love it, the smell is fabulous ,,,, leaves your hair shiny and gleaming,,,can't say about the growth,,, only been using it 2 weeks

Great product

I have been watermans products for about a month now and my hair feels and looks healthier it has a great shine and is manageable the shampoo smells lovely and I would recommend to anyone I will use again and again.


Bought the shampoo as a gift and straight away my wife noticed how great her hair felt, I noticed how much more shiny and healthy it looked, she has recommend it to other people.

Get some!!!

It's the best,folks!!!!! You won't be disappointed!!!!!

Loving it...

I wash my hair everyday, which I know is terrible but on the plus side it's given me the chance to really put watermans to the test!
I've had serious hair loss and thinning due to PCOS, I've tried lots of high street thickening products (which actually just coat your hair with silicon and make it feel vile) so I was really hoping that watermans would be different for me. And it hasn't disappointed!! I've been so fixated on thinning patches that I hadn't even realised how dry and dull my hair was looking... until I started using watermans. There's is 100% a noticeable improvement in the thickness in just one month and my hair feels sooo soft and shiny, plus I have got my curls back since using it!! I'm so pleased, I've just ordered another three bottles of each!

Great product

Due to chemotherapy I lost all my hair, I was told about the watermans products so I thought I would give it a try, I'm very pleased my hair is growing back thick and fast and quick and I'm sure it's these products helping along the way I've used my first bottle 3 months it lasted and now purchased another two on offer

Still reviewing

Got this set a couple weeks ago and want to use the full amount of the bottles to give my best input. So far, love the smell and how it leaves my hair feeling. I have tried several different "grow" shampoos and they have either left my hair feeling dry and brittle or left with a texture that makes my hair feel about 3 weeks unwashed after just a day. My hair is quite long, well past my waist, so finding a shampoo that works isn't necessarily about the need for growth but for health and strength. So far, this shampoo and conditioner deliver on both counts. Have noticed a difference in the overall health of my hair with less dryness and the tiny hairs that had always appeared broken off near the crown of my head have begun growing. Won't be certain just yet that I love this brand but it's off to a great start.


Really love the product , the conditioner smells the best out of the both products. You can use a pretty small amount of the shampoo and still get a good lather. I have used the products between 3-4 times each week and still have a nice amount of product left . Will definitely re purchase #5*


Wow, I'm amazed at the condition of my hair after a couple of washes. I luv it.

3 times a week

Started useding this product about 7 month's now and my hair has fill back out .I started to loose my hair in clump. The first month I notice that my hair was growing and I had lots and lots of new grot one after 7 months my hair is much ticker and I'm happen as my hair it my happiness xx


too soon to tell whether it will thicken up me hair so will try try another month as i was using a product that also did the same thing but I am also taking tablets to help the problem. Suddenly becoming an Aemia

Brilliant product

Love this product. My hair is noticeably thicker and in much better condition.

Love it

I've noticed a big difference. Smells great and makes my hair feel great.

Great products

Really pleased with shampoo, conditioner and tablets! My hair hasn't grown a lot yet but it is thicker and as someone who has a lot of medical issues and has to take a lot of medication it definitely is making a difference. My hairdresser is even confirming this in each visit to her

Watermans grow pro hair vitamins



Best Hair Growth Shampoo - Made in UK - Fast Hair Growth Shampoo - Sulfate Free

Excellent product and it smells amazing too!

I bought the shampoo and conditioner as I had seen a few celebrities promoting it, and as I suffer from hair fall out because I have previously had Amaemia I thought I would give it a go. This is the best product I have used for my hair so far! My hair has grown slightly and the fall out rate has reduced! I have just purchased another set, and I am not looking back, I will not use anything other than Waterman's now! Thank you!


Brilliant product works really well and saves having to wash hair every day

It works! It really works!!

I honestly bought this feeling like it would be another bunch of products that I desperately try and justify spending money on. But oh my god I do not have to try! I've only been using the shampoo, conditioner and supplements for about a month and I've definitely seen a difference! At first the shampoo seemed to make my hair feel heavy and oily but after a week or so of using every day my hair adjusted and feels absolutely amazing! Not only that, but it has definitely grown. I'm not sure if I should thank the shampoo or the supplements or both but I'm not going to get rid of either just in case! The only downside is that the conditioner doesn't really do much conditioning - i think the product is aimed at achieving growth more than anything else but that is absolutely fine by me considering it is advertised as such! Couldn't be more grateful to Watermans! Amazing stuff!


Watermans MAX Hair Growth Kit


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Nice Elixir!!! Thanks!!!

Nice Elixir!!! Thanks!!!


This product is excellent and I will not be using any other shampoo and conditioner again!

Shampoo / Conditioner

I love the shampoo and conditioner. it makes my hair silky soft. LOVE IT

Waterman's shampoo and conditioner

It's absolutely amazing! My hair feels and looks so much better, my hairs actually grown more in the last few weeks than it has in months! I absolutely love the stuff and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone! Thanks Waterman's for making my hair so smooth and beautiful again! I love it!!

Growth Shampoo as a gift to my beloved sister

I think it is a nice product as my sister commented that this shampoo is a heaven to her hair ... she loved it and very happy about using it.
I think I might try it myself.

Thank you,

Grow more hair elixir

Another great product

A great product

I purchased this product almost a month ago! I don't wash my hair everyday, maybe 2- 3 times a week so I'm yet to notice any difference in the length and texture of my hair but I have noticed that my fall out is a lot less than before and I love how it smells and that you can feel that it's stimulating the hair follicles and scalp! My hair does feel incredibly soft and manageable after using this and I'm hopeful for results so I will carry on using it and in a few months should be able to give a review on the length of my hair! Really happy so far!


I love it this elixer for my hair its helped myhair grow that little bit more so thank you Watermans ❤️


Made my hair in great condition but growth is only a little bit faster, bit over priced

Great for fine hair

I've been using the Hair Growth Shampoo for almost 2 years and most definitely my fine thinning hair feels and looks stronger! Having tried a few other so-called similar Shampoos in the past left me somewhat feeling these Shampoos simply doesn't work but Waterman Hair Growth works for me!

Hair miracle!

I struggle with hair growth & split ends; this has helped and I am starting to notice improvement in hair growth I have only been using for 2 months but can already see the difference, well worth a try!

So far so good

I have heard great results. At the moment I've only been using a couple of times. Fab for my extensions. Will purchase again.

Money well spent

I am so glad I placed my order for the shampoo and conditioner I have always been taken the Vitiams so spread the procecess of my hair grow as my hair was really thin and was falling out every time I washed it but now I am using the Waterman's I am pleased it's in better condition and feeeling a lot thicker then it has ever been so thank you water man for changing my hair x

Beautiful Products

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these products. I can actually say that my hair is in the BEST condition ever.
Thank you Watermans I will be ordering MORE soon. I'm planning my wedding so my hair WILL BE my crowning glory!!

Watermans shampoo n conditioner

Won't buy any other shampoo n conditioner . I bleach my hair and it wouldnt grow very long. Since using this my hair has grown lovely n a lot thicker than it was.Dawn.


I've used quite a few times & it really does work

Great for coloured hair

When my friend recommended this shampoo I was doubtful it would work on my coarse, frizzy coloured hair but it has been brilliant. Usually my greys start showing a week after being tinted but with Watermans my hair is shiny and grey free. My hair used to look very damaged once I let it air dry but it looks so much healthier with a lovely shine, it is less frizzy and my hair feels softer than it did. I could see the difference after one wash but looking at it after around a month, the difference in texture is definitely noticeable. So happy with the results.

Amazing shampoo

I love e this shampoo it comes on time and my hair is growing really fast!! This is 5 weeks growth in the pics!!.... I can start to tuck behind my ears and style now


Fantastic results so far! From nothing to hair in a couple of weeks! Losing my hair was so emotional. It took me four years to grow it and four weeks to lose it. Thank you so much !


Best ever Shampoo and Conditioner I have used hair feels so smooth and sleek shiny


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Amazing products

My hair feels amazing since using Watermans shampoo and conditioner. An essential to my hair care collection now!!

Love it!

Amazing shampoo and conditioner.. I'm noticing a difference already. My hair looks better and it starting to feel thicker. Love it