Watermans MAX Hair Growth Kit + Free Bag

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1 x Shampoo
1 x Conditioner
1 x GrowPro 
1 x FREE Watermans Shopping Tote Bag - 

See what's inside 

Grow your hair from outside in and inside out for maximum 2 pronged hair growth attack 


1-month difference mega fast hair growth 

Hair growth before and after

Fine Hairline filled back in :-) 




Customer Reviews

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Daisy-mae Roberts D.R. Daisy-mae R.
Love it

I've been using watermans shampoo and conditioner for 3 month now and have definitely noticed more growth but as I'm greedy and want it to grow quicker, I thought I'd try the hair vitamins too, I have used hair vitamins in the past and I've found some that work but thought I'd try these, I'm around half way through the pack and haven't noticed a massive difference, hopefully once I've finished the course there will be a noticeable difference:)

jonson j. jonson
just the best products on the market

I have tried the rest and they all failed. Watermans is so awesome i will never use anything else.

Julie Bloomfield J.B. Julie B.

I l9ve, love, love this product!! It has literally given me my hair back after a very difficult time following treatment for a health condition. I found the hair loss difficult to deal with but love seeing it grow back healthier than before. All because I use the shampoo and conditioner regularly. Thank you Watermans!

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