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GrowMore™ is a unique blend of ingredients developed by Watermans that's contained in all of our product's.

#LoveWatermans celebs most loved shampoo for hair growth

Watermans Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner

Give your hair a kiss of life...for amazing hair buy today, Watermans Luxury hair care shampoo & conditioner, start growing your hair thicker, stronger, healthier. Customers have also restored dry and damaged hair only after a few washes, ur customer's who've had their hair pulled out by hair extensions have seen their hair regrow at a faster rate. Maybe if you're wanting to ditch your hair extensions, try our products now, grow longer stronger hair in half of the time,

If you can answer yes to one of the following, you need to start using our products now...

Hair loss-shedding
Fine- lifeless hair
Slow growing hair
Receding hairline/temples
Hair loss due to extensions/clip ins
Dull hair that doesn't shine

Problem hair no more, invest in your Hair its the crown you never take off.

Safe shopping with Wateramans and Shopify
hair growth shampoo for all hair types