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Great product

I have been using this product for 30 days now and can see a big improvement in the condition of my hair it’s much shiner and healthier

Good Stuff!

Its a nice product so far, no issues! :)

Best product ever!

My hair started thinning 5 months ago. It was literally falling out in handfuls and it really dented my confidence. I’ve used this product 3-4 times a week for the last 4 months and it has dramatically improved my hair thickness, density and condition. I can not recommend this product enough!
The first pic was at the start and the fourth pic is four months later ❤️

The 3mth hair growth since my operation is unbelievable. When I show people they all ask me what am I taking to get such a good growth? I rave about Watermans grow me to EVERYONE who will listen 😂

Best shampoo ever

After my mum passed away my hair really suffered it became thin and so much fell out I had to have my shoulder length bob cut off. I tried many different products all of which never lived up to expectations. Just before Christmas I ordered my first bottle of Waterman’s shampoo I used it per the instructions and noticed less breakage and hair falling out. The icing on the cake was the comment from my hairdresser who advised that my hair had grown an inch in just 4 weeks he asked what I had been “doing “. I told him all about Waterman’s he was so impressed he took all the information of how to buy your brand and decided to check out the website for himself so that he could pass all this along to his clients who had same issues as myself. I can’t thank you enough and I am going to continue to order and use your products.

Good product

I buy this product for my partner who swears by it! Great service and speedy delivery when ordering online.

Watermans Shampoo and

It has grown so much since I’ve been using Watermans.
My hair was very long and fuzzy so I had to cut it short. I love my short hair but I love my long hair more.

In the time I have been using Watermans hair shampoo and conditioner (For 3-4 months) my hair has grown so fast and thick. I love using Watermans products and I love my hair.

Thank you Watermans hair Australia xx

‎Joanna Doyle‎

It's working!

I have been using the Waterman's shampoo and conditioner for over a month now and really noticing increased hair density, volume and overall hair health. I leave it on for 6-8 mins although the instructions state 3-4. I think the longer you leave it in the better it works. I'm generally happy with the results so far.

Helped Get My Hair Fall Under Control

Helped get my hair fall under control, so I'm pleased with that. Will definitely buy this again. Finally there's a product that does what it claims!

Stronger and longer

Love this product so much. I recommended it to friends and work colleagues as they all noticed the sudden change in my hair. It grew longer and stronger and noticed less hair fall out when wet or brushing. The photos are only 24 days apart!

Early days

Still early days but I haven't noticed to much results yet. My hair does feel slightly thicker so fingers crossed!

In Love

Watermans shampoo & conditioner has really worked wonders on my hair. My hair is growing like crazy .

Excellent product!

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and my hair is thicker and is growing!
Just ordered more.
Amazing product!

Amazing stuff!

The only thing that’s ever worked to help my hair grow! I have been trying to grow my hair for 8 years and finally making progress thanks to this product, wish I had it years ago :( well worth the price, when I use cheap shampoo and conditioner my hair feels so much worse and ruined!

It works! Have patience.

I’ve been using Watermans now for about 6 weeks (shampoo, conditioner and tablets). It works! Honestly. I’ve had hair loss for about 8 years and have bleached my hair for longer than that, and I’ve tried everything, including the expensive shark cartilage tablets (which didn’t work!). Waterman’s is different. My hair feels in great condition, thicker and I’ve noticed regrowth in places I’ve had patches for years. I was skeptical at first, but had patience and took comparison photos and it really has made a difference. It doesn’t work overnight. You have to give it time. A few tips: You have to leave the shampoo on, so I normally put that on in a morning over the sink and leave it on whilst I have my breakfast. The other thing I did was bought a detangler brush, as my hair is bleached and the conditioner didn’t get all the tangles out. I would say give it a go. I’ll do another review after 3 months to see if I’ve noticed anything else. Thank you Waterman’s!

Amazing products

I’ve always had pretty fine hair so thought I’d give this shampoo and conditioner ago. I bought it along with the elixir as I don’t wash my hair everyday. From the 1st day of using the shampoo, conditioner and elixir the texture of my hair as improved and as the weeks have gone by,it’s thicker and grown considerably, would highly recommend buying these. I know, I won’t be buying anything else.

Shampoo and conditioner

Amazing products i love them my hair is fuller and has grown loads

Great results

My hair has been thinning because of cancer tablets I have to take for 5years Since using this product everyone said how thick my hair looks and I'm so happy not to have limp lifeless hair anymore I've recommended it to a few people who have ordered it straight away and have just started using it I'm very happy with results

Amazing results

Hi guys I just wanted to share with you what your amazing shampoo and conditioner has done to my hair over this past year. Firstly it’s grown like it’s never grown before so healthy and shiny. Secondly with it being in such great condition it’s aloud me to go back to being blonde which I couldn’t achieve with shop bought shampoo and conditioners. It’s made it so much thicker I feel like it’s doubled in size. I love it thanks you so much for your product it is totally amazing and I will be forever buying Waterman’s grow me xxx

Healthy and growing for the first time in years!

After years of strong medication making my coloured hair even weaker, I turned to Watermans. I was dubious and skeptical but I'm pleased to say, it's worked wonders. My hair is growing and as to sustain the colour I have without becoming brittle and broken.
My hairdresser is a convert too after using extensions and so are some of her clients. I'm working on her getting it stocked in her salon! One very happy and very satisfied customer.

Grow More Elixer

I absolutely love this stuff! I only wash my hair twice a week (using Grow Me and Condition Me obvs!) so I use this on the nights in between, it smells lovely, it doesn't leave your hair greasy and it gives you the confidence that you are using the Watermans system correctly! Takes 2 mins to massage in and your done! The bottle is small but it lasts months! Highly recommended!


I bought this to try and encourage hair growth after cancer treatment. I was completely bald at the beginning of this year and it was all taking a very long term. I was worried it would never grow back completely and my scalp would always be more visible. Been using this for about six or seven weeks now and I love it. My hair is now definitely more plentiful and the texture constantly improving. It has grown masses during this time and I will be carrying on with Watermans. I love the smell of the shampoo too and the richness of the consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner. It feels like a treat and my hair needs it after chemo! Very impressed and I've been asked what I'm using by lots of people. My hairdresser is very impressed too!
This is how much hair growth I've had since July. I think it's working! :-D

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Pictures to go with my original review!...

Amazing true!

At first I didn’t believe it works, so just bought the shampoo & conditioner. But after using them as recommended I’ve seen the difference of my hair. So gave them to my son to try them out and see if it was just me thinking they worked.amazing he said the same and also noticed some new hair growth.so I had to order two more of each and shall continue to do so ! Thank you growme!

Amazing true!

At first I didn’t believe it works, so just bought the shampoo & conditioner. But after using them as recommended I’ve seen the difference of my hair. So gave them to my son to try them out and see if it was just me thinking they worked.amazing he said the same and also noticed some new hair growth.so I had to order two more of each and shall continue to do so ! Thank you growme!