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Great product

Lovely to use, excellent quality product. I’ve been using this product for 7 months and had amazing results. Hair is looking and feeling the best it’s been in years. Thanks so much

Must be working

Literally just got a compliment on the school run how long my haired looked. Like it had grown result

This stuff really works

I bought Watermans shampoo and conditioner for my teenage daughter as she has alopecia. After a few weeks we could definitely see the difference. The doctors are also very pleased with the hair growth.

Good product

Easy to use hair not coming out so much . Would recommend this product to anyone.


Noticed a massive difference after 2 washes, I used exactly as described and after 4 weeks my hair is longer, thicker and no longer fills the hairbrush and plugs


Brilliant shampoo and conditioner even on coloured hair ... friends have already noticed that my hair looks thicker. I will be buying again!

Love love love

I have been using all three products since I took out my hair extensions in July and I just love that my hair has gotten thicker and looks so more healthier and I have less breakages and hair loss. It have also been getting longer. I have also noticed my slacp is not itching as much or red in colour. I have recommended your products to my friends. I have found my new hair care products.

Watermans shampoo

very good,my hair was recently permed and unfortunately it damaged and weakened it,I was desperate to find something that would help,I saw Watermans review on Facebook and thought I try it,and I must admit that my hair are much softer,and don’t fall out as much.i would recommend it to anyone with or without hair problems xx


A great product, giving excellent results, visible in days. Fabulous feeling hair, noticeably thicker, will definitely buy again.

Nice shampoo

My hair is falling out due to menopause. I don't wash my hair that often at work it's always in a bun but the hair loss isnt as much.


Have been using regular one month have noticed improvement in my hair which is great as I am very conicous of my appearance .

Healthy hair

Shinny healthy thicker strong hair a massive improvement


I bought this to try and encourage hair growth after cancer treatment. I was completely bald at the beginning of this year and it was all taking a very long term. I was worried it would never grow back completely and my scalp would always be more visible. Been using this for about six or seven weeks now and I love it. My hair is now definitely more plentiful and the texture constantly improving. It has grown masses during this time and I will be carrying on with Watermans. I love the smell of the shampoo too and the richness of the consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner. It feels like a treat and my hair needs it after chemo! Very impressed and I've been asked what I'm using by lots of people. My hairdresser is very impressed too!
This is how much hair growth I've had since July. I think it's working! :-D

Goodbye shedding

Stressed by the amount of hair I have been shedding and widening of my hair parting within a week of using this product my shedding especially after washing and conditioning in my hair brush was reduced drastically. I have now been using this product for 2 months and my hair is stronger and more easy to manage. But most importantly to me the shedding has almost completely stopped.


I am very impressed with my purchases and will continue to invest in watermans

Amazing product

I can definitely tell a difference in my hair . I’ve been using the products a couple of months and my hair is longer , thicker and in excellent condition

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I use for me and my two girls aged 2 + 7 years!.

I was loosing hair due to having four kids and it’s helped grow and thicken my hair, but my 2 year old has very fine hair and this has helped to thicken it and to grow it! My 7 year old has thick hair like me, but just does not grow length wise, and this has helped from shoulder length to now bra strap length


My hair was constantly falling out when I washed/brushed it. Within two days of using the shampoo and conditioner it stopped falling out, and feels better than it ever has! Very very happy with my purchase and will definitely continue to use it


I love this shampoo and it really does what it claims to do!
After loads of treatment for leukaemia m6 hair got to a certain length then stopped. It was always fallin out too.
Not any more! So happy with this shampoo i’m Getting my daughter to try it next.

Amazing true!

At first I didn’t believe it works, so just bought the shampoo & conditioner. But after using them as recommended I’ve seen the difference of my hair. So gave them to my son to try them out and see if it was just me thinking they worked.amazing he said the same and also noticed some new hair growth.so I had to order two more of each and shall continue to do so ! Thank you growme!


I have psoriasis on my scalp which itches constantly. I’ve tried dozens of medications and medicated shampoo which all destroyed the condition of my hair. I’ve been using this for 3 or 4 weeks every other day and my hair looks so much better, and my scalp hardly bothers me. I’ve been able to go back to dying my hair with very little aggravation. I shall be using this shampoo for as long as I can! Amazing!!!


I have pcos and my hair has fallen out considerably. I know that a new follicle cannot be produced so obviously there has been no regrowth. I am aware that some products aim to grow more hair strands out of the remaining follicles but after 6 months there is no change to the thickness. However I will continue to use product as the effect on length of hair has been amazing. It is clearly doing sonething. Ill wrote anouther review in 6 months if thickness changes... Good product would recommend.

The best hair growth Shampoo and Conditioner

I can’t express enough how fantastic the watermans shampoo and conditioner have helped with my hair growth and thickness. I will not use anything else!
I use a great battery operated head massager when shampooing which has also helped.

Shampoo and conditioner

I have been using it a couple of months now my hair is best condition it's been in a while :)