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Has worked great on my thinning hair

I had lost alot of hair through illness and tried lots of things but nothing worked until I found Waterman's shampoo and conditioner. It works so well even my hair dresser was surprised how much hair growth I had.

Lovely shampoo and conditioner my hair has never been so healthy brought this product as my hair was thining I have less breakage as well and my hair smells great thankyou water mans will be ordering more


I had a baby 6 months ago and after 3 months my hair was falling out in clumps, I bought this based on the reviews and it didn’t disappoint my hair feels fuller and thicker and my hair loss has decreased dramatically. Would deffo recommend

Great results

My hair has been thinning because of cancer tablets I have to take for 5years Since using this product everyone said how thick my hair looks and I'm so happy not to have limp lifeless hair anymore I've recommended it to a few people who have ordered it straight away and have just started using it I'm very happy with results

Amazing results

Hi guys I just wanted to share with you what your amazing shampoo and conditioner has done to my hair over this past year. Firstly it’s grown like it’s never grown before so healthy and shiny. Secondly with it being in such great condition it’s aloud me to go back to being blonde which I couldn’t achieve with shop bought shampoo and conditioners. It’s made it so much thicker I feel like it’s doubled in size. I love it thanks you so much for your product it is totally amazing and I will be forever buying Waterman’s grow me xxx

watermans products

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks and I am pleased with the outcome of the products. It's made my hair thicker and it feels good to. I also have new hair growth as well I would definitely recommend

Shampoo & Conditioner

Both are amazing love these items a purchased,hair smells amazing with an added shine,definitely will be back soon for more xxx

Healthy and growing for the first time in years!

After years of strong medication making my coloured hair even weaker, I turned to Watermans. I was dubious and skeptical but I'm pleased to say, it's worked wonders. My hair is growing and as to sustain the colour I have without becoming brittle and broken.
My hairdresser is a convert too after using extensions and so are some of her clients. I'm working on her getting it stocked in her salon! One very happy and very satisfied customer.


I have just received my conditioner, my hair is thin & flat, shoulder length & coloured. I used it straight away; 5+ stars .... its fantastic, my hair is soft & has more thickness & bounce!! Thanks.

Wouldn't use anything else

The difference in my hair has been amazing.

Life saver

This has really worked ! My hairdresser is so impressed ! All my balding has gone & my hair is thicker !
My nails have been awful for years , I had beautiful long nails. Thought I would try false ones , well I regret it. But since using the tablets , my nails have started to grow !, I’m so glad I went ahead and tried these products .

Bought for daughter who has thinning hair

My daughter has used it twice weekly for a few weeks now & loves how it makes her hair feel. Hasn't noticed any regrowth yet, but is hoping.

Best products on the Market

All of the products that l have used work very well for me. Highly recommend them to any one who wants to improve the look of their hair.

No Results for me.

At first I felt a slight improvement and that was after 6 washes, I tend to wash my hair about 2-3 times a week, however I was still getting a lot of breakages and hair loss. Also my hair was so tangled after a wash, thought maybe it’s because of the change in weather, but after another 6 washes ,I started to get dandruff, so I knew my skin was drying up after using this product. Very disappointed, absolutely gutted to be fair. Although my husband started using it and it’s done his hair wonders including his scape, because he gets spots around the ear sometimes. Lucky him, so the 3 stars are from him.


Love this product made my hair so long and shiny

Watermans shampoo and conditioner sachet
Watermans sachets.

I took these products on holiday with me and used after swimming etc, my hair felt soft and nourished after each use, and with a definate shine on my rather dull coloured hair. My hair remain soft and bouncy through out my holiday. Will be using Watermans products from now on.

Not that good

I have been using it for over a month, 5 days a week and almost daily in the last two weeks, followed the instructions:
Hair still falls, more than before sometimes, quite happy how it looks after washing.

Please use it for a a few months, its not going to work in just 2 weeks ... Stick with Watermans and give it a chance.

Very prompt service and very good product

To early to notice a difference

I have been using the shampoo conditioner serum and I have also purchased the tablets.
I can’t say I have noticed any difference as yet.
It makes the hair quite oily but I am going to persevere.

This is good stuff!

I wanted to use this product for a while before I put on a review. Early days to say if there is any extr growth but my hair does feel thicker, looks better and has a better feel to it. I’m one of these people who wash my hair everyday but actually using this shampoo and conditioner means that I don’t necessarily have to. It seems to keep its style better so often I skip a day of washing. For me I use a couple of times then use another product before returning back to Watermans. I will buy again and a little goes a long way. I am pleased with this purchase.

Best hair products EVER!!!

Cannot recommend Watermans hair products enough!! My hair feels and looks amazing since I started using them, I even get comments from friends and family who have also purchased Watermans since seeing my results....seriously YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!


I’ve been suffering from stress related alopecia for 6 years now and have lost a significant amount of hair on the top of my head and around my hair line and behind my ears. I’ve been wanting to find a product that could encourage regrowth and thicken my naturally thin hair and think now I’ve found it! I also have type 2 diabetes which hasn’t helped my hair or scalp since my alopecia became as bad as it is. I saw a newspaper article about a lady in Swindon that had used it and had encouraged her hair to grow significantly so thought I’d give it a try. Already my hair is feeling a lot better and I’m hoping that in the next few months I see my hair thickening and regrowing. For now I’m extremely happy with the results so far and will definitely keep using water and, I’ve already recommended it to a friend.

Amazing results so far

So after having kids and a underactive thyroid my hair has started to thin on top, my friend told me to try this shampoo and conditioner Im so glad I did after a month my hair has started to look a lot fuller and healthier

AmaIng shampoo and conditioner I highly recommend x

Grow More Elixer

I absolutely love this stuff! I only wash my hair twice a week (using Grow Me and Condition Me obvs!) so I use this on the nights in between, it smells lovely, it doesn't leave your hair greasy and it gives you the confidence that you are using the Watermans system correctly! Takes 2 mins to massage in and your done! The bottle is small but it lasts months! Highly recommended!

Love these products!!

My hair has already started to feel thicker and healthier. Even my hair dresser has noticed a marked difference. Great products. I’m hooked!!